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Victoria has been many things in her life so far: an ace student, a counselling volunteer, a graduate of psychology, and now a scholar at Oxford University. But one thing she has always been is an artist. An artist who uses her art: her acting onstage, her directing behind the scene or screen, and her writing, to try to fill the world with a bit more empathy, understanding, and hope. 

She is currently living in Glasgow, UK, where she is the Artistic Director of Rove St. Productions, a young production company dedicated to producing innovative work that empowers young artists and promotes positive change. 

Victoria also works as a freelance actress, director, and writer throughout the United Kingdom. 


Victoria is fascinated by the power of theatre, and literature, to create positive change in the world, by starting important conversations, changing people's preconceived notions or prejudices, and teaching empathy while demonstrating it. 

Through her work on and off stage and screen, and her own writing, Victoria is aiming to develop a path by which art can transcend its nature as an interesting - even moving - spectacle destined to be ephemeral, and become something that produces real-world change: positive, and lasting. 

Victoria, who also holds a degree in Psychology, seeks to marry her two passions: art and healing - finding a way to use both to change even a tiny corner of the world. 

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