Hello? Hello.

Aug. 2019

"This play is inspired by a lovely sentiment, containing a strong message for all those who struggle with anxiety and who feel isolated. It's a timely reminder that hope hides in the most unpredictable places and that, if the door is left ajar, someone might pop in to help." - Everything Theatre

"The themes of friendship and empathy came across well. The lines “You aren’t alone, we both have these moments” could have been spoken by either of the women." - The Fountain

"A lot of effort and good intentions clearly went into this piece." - The Scotsman

Audience Reviews: 

"I appreciated the subtlety with which it dealt with its themes, never shoving it in your face but letting you interpret them as you see fit. I think most people will be able to relate to one of the many facets of mental health the play delicately explores - I certainly found it inspired both a level of introspection, yet also comfort that stuck with me many hours after I left."

"A wonderful, original play charting what it can feel like to be hopelessly isolated. The writing, the cast, and stage direction came together seamlessly and had you buying into the world from start to finish. In the best way, some moments almost felt a little too real." 

"This is a well-paced, written, and directed piece. It constantly reveals more as it unwinds in front of you. The acting is fantastic, the emotion you as an audience go through is real, you feel the loneliness of the characters. This is portrayed by a strong script and executed by an unbelievably talented cast. The direction has been brilliant as the acting is so natural you feel like a fly on the wall watching a real situation. Please go see this excellent and daring piece of theatre before it finishes."

These Last

Four Years

The Argosy

Mar. 2017

"relevant to today's society"

"proved that, in many ways, theatre can encourage discussion and political change" 

"First-year psychology student Amber Quinn left the Motyer-Fancy Theatre filled with pride. 'It makes me so proud to know that the directors have so much dedication to feminist theatre'"

"[another audience member said they] enjoyed that the play was confusing, different, and disconcerting, 'it makes you uncomfortable at times because it challenges the stereotypes we have about Shakespeare, about theatre, about love [and] about who we are.'" 

White Snake

The Argosy

Feb. 2015

"a unique and highly enjoyable show"

"The costumes, the set, and the actors themselves came together to tell an epic love story which resulted in a performance that was both emotionally and aesthetically pleasing."

"a resounding success"


The Argosy

Mar. 2015

"Fancy's heartwarming production of Détours is worthy of acclaim"

"a magical play"

Noises Off

The Argosy

Feb. 2014

"It is the mark of a skilled actor to be able to portray a layered and complex character; to be able to showcase a character portraying another character is a gift, and one that the Windsor Theatre team demonstrated magnificently on Thursday night."

"Noises Off! is an excellent example of how hard work can pay off"

"a very unusual farce which was performed by Windsor Theatre Out of the Box last week, to a standing ovation by their audience"

Head À Téte

The Argosy

Jan. 2014

"Head À Tête was an enthralling production that was alternately funny, heart warming, and inspirational." 

"It is a play that, while written for children, can truly be appreciated by all audiences, regardless of their age."

"a touching, bilingual commentary on the enduring power of compassion and empathy in the face of greed and desperation"

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